Thursday, February 4, 2010

Greyhound Health and Wellness Conference For Greyhound Owners and Veterinarians

Greyhound Health and Wellness
March 6, 2010

Course Description: The First Annual OSU Greyhound Health and Wellness Conference will present valuable medical and surgical information for Greyhound owners, adopters, trainers, and for veterinarians involved in the care of Greyhounds. Topics will include idiosyncrasies in Greyhound lab work and imaging (X-rays and ultrasound), anesthesia, and bone cancer (both from the owners' and oncologists' perspectives), among others. There will be a joint morning session for the whole group; the afternoon sessions will be separate for owners/adopters and for veterinarians.
Cost: $100 Veterinarians, $75 Non-veterinarians
CE Hours: 7

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Continuing Education - A Greyhound Health and Wellness Conference.


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