Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dairyland Greyhounds Found Beheaded in Creek?

 UPDATED 2/12/2010

NO! Greyhounds were not found in the creek. Thanks to readers/commenters JCP, Pam, and Anonymous.

Actually, it was coyote carcasses that were found. (Still a drag, me thinks.) Coyote hunting is legal.

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This is why Greyhound racing should be banned. They usually just lop off the ears (that are tattooed); this time, they lopped off the entire heads.

Can you tell I'm angry?

It seems to me that these may very well be dogs from a kennel at Wisconsin's Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack, which closed Dec. 31, 2009. However, any kennels that still had dogs remaining by the first weekend in February (today) would not receive a $5,000 bonus. Looks like someone cared more about that bonus than finding the dogs homes. The Greyhound Alliance has been working feverishly for months to be sure all the dogs were place; Michigan ReGAP took in a large number of them just a few weeks back.



Beheaded dogs found in creek

Updated: Feb 05, 2010 6:08 AM

David MacAnally/Eyewitness News
Madison County - What police and animal control saw in the Fall Creek in Madison County, you may not want to see.
Sheriff Ron Richardson says, "Possibly Greyhounds. There are eight animals in the water. It looks like none have heads. Heads have been removed. We'll know more once we get them out of the water."
They were spotted when Joe Riley was on his way home about 5 p.m. Thursday.  He pulled over, got out and looked into the creek for rocks for his pond at home.
Joe Riley says, "Found something I sure wasn't looking for. I still can't believe what I saw. It's crazy."
It's unclear how long the dogs were in the water. Blood still appears to be around the carcasses. And there may be more dog carcasses downstream.
Sheriff Richardson says, "If anybody knows anything about any group or persons that may be involved doing this type of thing to animals, contact the Sheriff's Department in Madison County."
"I've got two dogs that sleep with me. I love them very much. I just can't imagine this," said Joe Riley.


  1. Oh God. That just makes me sick!! I hope someone ends up in jail for this horror!!!

  2. Hi Frankie,

    Sorry to post such terrible things. But I think people really need to know that this happens to lots of racing greyhounds; while many of us are lucky to adopt, there are always dogs that don't have a happy life post-track. :-(

  3. Here's the real story ---

  4. Please see the more complete story here:


    Making assumptions without all the facts is very dangerous.

  5. I think it is only fair to follow up that this horrible incident had nothing to do with greyhounds nor the racetracks. The animals found were coyotes.


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