Friday, January 9, 2009

Introducing TigerLily

A day or two before New Year's I received an email from ReGAP, asking if AR and I could take in a foster dog. I responded that I thought we couldn't unless it was a real emergency, and then it would have to be a female (still a few dominance issues with Quasar). Well, ReGAP responded that it was indeed an emergency.

This past Sunday, there was a kennel closure at the Dairyland Racetrack in Wisconsin. About 16 dogs were transported from the track to the Michigan Welcome Center at the Indiana state line, and the dogs were distributed to several rescue groups. ReGAP took 5 of the dogs and their great volunteers drove (about a 6-hour round trip, and in an ice storm!) that day to pick them up and bring them back here, where they were treated to baths and grooming by Dapper Dog Wash.

AR instantly fell for a sweet brindle girl, one of two females. She came home with us. Her track name is RJ's Stormy Dana, but the workers on the track called her Shana (and it was inscribed on her muzzle). So for a few days we called her Shana or Dana.

She's a sweetheart, with thick fur (really unusual) that is gold with tiger-stripes. So on Wednesday, AR says "We should call her TigerLily." O.K. Then yesterday, the dear hubby says "We could call her Lily." O.K.

See where this is going?

This is a photo of TigerLily & Quasar yesterday in the snow. That's me in the background, dressed to slum (or for the cold).
AR was holding the camera and called them.

Here are Quasar and TigerLily with their Wiggly-Giggly ball.

Here's Quasar reasserting his maleness, in a playful way.
Lucky that TigerLily is mellow, and is being vetted next week.

TigerLily is a sweetie. She's taken a few days to figure out what toys are for and what a treat is. She's very affectionate. And she has thick fur and feels very soft. Perhaps we should call her "Fluffy." She's taught herself how to climb up and down stairs, and knows how to jump into a car (we still have to lift Quasar). She loves her crate.

Dana/Shana/TigerLily is a good girl, and will make some family a loving pet - though it will be a couple of weeks before she's fully "assessed" and put up on the ReGAP site.

In the meantime, she's one of our family.


  1. Oh yeah, she'll make "some family" a great pet. Right, AR?

    Love the photos. I had to call Kevin over to check them out. Those are two happy dogs!

    Love it!

    (I'm so jealous.)


  2. Yes, tonight at dinner AR said, "She fits here pretty well, don't you think?"



  3. If you've got one, what's two??

    She's very pretty. Nice markings.

  4. You are doing a wonderful thing with the dogs! If I had space and land I would be in it too, not just for dogs but any animal. Keep up the good work. I wish I could figure out how to follow you?

  5. Thank you, Paprika!

    There is a Followers spot in the lower right sidebar of this blog.

    It's just so busy, it's easy to overlook.

    See you on Etsy!

  6. Would dearly love to rescue a greyhound, but after seeing the poor monkey, I just keep visualizing our Daisy...will have to wait until the cats have moved on to greener pastures.


    (You know you're keeping TL. Don't you?)

  7. She's lovely, two dogs are no trouble you know...


  8. Quasar obviously loves having a buddy, and she's got such beautiful, expressive eyes. I vote for keeping her.

  9. Detroit - don't know how I missed this, we must have been away when you first posted it. Just love the photos. Quasar looks so playful and she is BEAUTIFUL (Henry swoons).... There is something so elegant about the greyhound type breeds - they make mum think of slinky supermodels or dancers. There's no 'isn't he/she cute'? It is more 'isn't he/she magnificent'?


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