Thursday, January 8, 2009

How To Deconstruct A Screaming Monkey

Quasar celebrated the holidays with his favorite Christmas gift, the notorious Screaming Monkey, a gift from one of AR's best friends. This particular Monkey has a recording device inside which, when squeezed properly, emits the sounds of what one hopes is in fact not a screaming monkey but rather a lunatic that makes a good living in strange ways. The screaming sends Quasar into a scary frenzy. Really. He gets this look in his eye that is both intimidating and focused. He tore the monkey apart at the seams within 20 minutes, so AR took the monkey and duct taped it together, and put it in hiding for a couple of weeks until poor Quasar calmed down.

Since Quasar has been a Good Boy as of late (really, all the time), we decided this afternoon to give him the Screaming Monkey as a treat.

Quasar immediately went into another frenzy, showing the Monkey who is boss and that he will not be intimated by either screaming...

...or duct tape.

One damn happy dog.

I don't know how much this toy costs, but it is worth every penny regardless of its longevity. Just have your camera ready.

The good news is that we retrieved the recording device, which still works and which we will use whenever we need to get Quasar's serious attention.


  1. Perhaps it's my repressed anger that allows me to relate so well to the images of this dog tearing the crap outta that stuffed and noisy toy :))

    Oh wait...I don't have any suppressed's all out there :)

  2. My goodness! I've never ripped ANYTHING to bits. I still have all my old toys from when I was a pup. But I'm tiny. I wouldn't like to get in Quasar's way. I reckon he might see me as something small and fluffy and..... He does, however look like one very contented hound:)

  3. Braja: my meditation chant is "whatever...."

    Henry: You really are quite the gentleman. However, I dare you to get a Screaming Monkey! Then come back and tell me if it is not better than Fingers-Of-Fun!

  4. I'd love to see this on film! What a riot! We have a little red mouse filled with catnip and so far, it's intact - four cats and all!



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