Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching the Obama Inauguration

Dear Reader,

We're all here at home today to watch the inaugural news and festivities, and to watch the inauguration itself in just a little over an hour-and-a-half.

Mom (detroit dog, that is) is snuggly in flannel PJ's (just finished last week in my first-ever sewing class!) with a cappuccino and laptop, in front of the TV. (Stimulus-overload, ya think?) TigerLily is stretched out on the floor at my feet. Quasar is snuggled into a corner of the couch (allowed only when his blankie is on it). Dad (the hubby, that is) is having his coffee at his computer in his office.

Outside is about -- well, who knows how much snow by now. It snowed 6 inches on Saturday, and it seems to snow about every 2 or 3 days.

It's all a pretty and comfy scene here in anticipation of what we hope is a good year, and a Presidency of honor, hope, and greatness -- not just for us Americans, but for the world over. I am hoping we are taking great steps toward peace. (And towards making both Election day and Inauguration day national holidays -- work-free days.)

Here is a link to a great New York Times page appropriately titled Picturing the Inauguration: The Readers' Album. It's a collection of readers' photos that have been sent into the paper since January 18.

Wishing you peace and hope,

Veronica (detroit dog) & Alex, Quasar, & TigerLily

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  1. Peace and hope right back to all of you - Stay cozy and safe for just a while longer - It's going to get a little colder before it gets better, but I'm heartened that change is coming.


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