Monday, November 19, 2007

Vick Goes to Jail Early: Pre-Season Practice for Upcoming Sentence?

NFL Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, awaiting December sentencing on federal criminal charges related to illegal dogfighting, today voluntarily reported to commence his jail sentence early.

I have several thoughts/suspicions about Mr. Vick's motivations for early surrender:
  1. He is seeking a more lenient sentence from Judge Henry Hudson in December; though it's been suggested Vick receive a minimum a 12-18 month sentence, Judge Hudson need not abide by those recommendations - sentencing can be more or less.
  2. Considering that Vick violated terms of his release by testing positive for marijuana in a September random drug test, it's very possible Vick suspects he may be on the outs with the Judge and is trying to make amends in hopes of a shorter sentence.
  3. Vick's surprise actions today might also have been a way of averting revived and intensified public outrage nearer the December sentencing date, possibly leading to stiffer sentencing. Smart play by Vick and his attorney Billy Martin.
  4. If Vick did receive an 18-month sentence (or is eligible for release at 18 months), his release would allow him to participate in pro pre-season training. Vick's career might be back on track.
While Vick is certainly taking appropriate and smart actions seemingly in hopes of salvaging his pro football career, I can't say that I believe that he is remorseful for his actions except for how they have affected him. Vick's attorney has stated "From the beginning, Mr. Vick has accepted responsibility for his actions...." I find that a huge lie. In "the beginning" Vick denied his participation in and responsibility for dogfighting, and vowed to clear his "good name."

I guess we'll find out in December to what degree good Judge Hudson (U.S. District Court) believes truly heinous behavior should be punished, and who is worthy of being punished.

To read The Washington Post story, click on this link. To read the story on CNN, click on this link.

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