Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is our new pal Squirrel. We first noticed him in May, when he and some other young squirrels were hanging out in our backyard. There's a squirrel nest in the neighbor's tree next to our garage; we think they were from a litter there. Anyway, he's the one squirrel that just stays in the yard while we're walking around and talking. Just goes about his business.

So one day I decided to talk with Squirrel. I made these clicking noises with my tongue in the side of my cheek. It's the same noise I made to call Bastet, and she always came when she heard it. So I clicked 3 times real quick, and Squirrel came running over. eek!

Squirrel comes around once or twice a day, that I notice. If I see him across the street and "click," he comes running over! We will give him a couple peanuts, maybe a shelled walnut. Today he stopped by so I ran inside to get him some nuts. I set the nuts on the porch for him and then went on with my yard work. He ate the nuts, then lay "spread eagle" on the front porch: belly down flat with legs spread out! His front paws hung over the side of the porch and he just lay there watching me for about a minute and a half.



  1. I remember seeing my first squirrel in 1994 in Hyde Park London - it was fantastic. They have such a cheeky way about them. We have possums everywhere around us - all they do is eat the leaves on trees and wee on the car leaving nasty stains - but we like them regardless.

  2. OH, MY! A black squirrel! They are the boldest little suckers. We have a black squirrel that hangs out around our house. He ENTERED our house twice, gnawing a hole in our kitchen window screen. The first time we were home and managed to chase him out but the second time we weren't home and just assumed that he left the same way he came in. Both times he was after food left near the window. Garlic and an apple. We were afraid that he might have bitten one or both of our cats. So, I am not a 'friend' of this black squirrel, sorry to say. I cannot have my kitchen window open because he eats through the repaired screen. And that sucks.


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