Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gus the Cat, R.I.P.

A tribute to local tabby cat, Gus, was published in today's Washington Post. Gus was a D.C. cat, very well known in the neighborhood, where he often walked people to the metro and basically patrolled his 'hood. Gus died recently of cancer, and the neighborhood responded with a public ofrenda, which included the usual candles and flowers, as well as a can of tuna.

Very touching story. Really about how, in our daily desensitization to the goings on of people (in often futile attempts to deal with the horror we wreak on each other) it's the small, almost minuscule happenings that provoke our senses into spontaneous generosity and showings of affection.

To read the article Tribute to a Tabby: On Irving Street, Paws to Remember, click on this link.

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