Friday, September 28, 2007

The Buzz About Bees....

Or: Everything you always wanted to know about bees but didn't care to ask.

Hey! I've just come across some great resources for people interested in bees and/or beekeeping (thanks to an article in today's New York Times). If you'd like to read the story Backyard Beekeepers as Warriors Against a Plague, click on this link.

Here are the bee sites/links to check out:
For you Michiganders (or Michigeese, as the case may be), here are some additional sites:
  • (clubs, supplies, events, newsletter, photos, disease info, etc.)
  • (everything bee: "Bees 4 Kids", research, photos, calendars, biology, types of products, bee stats, international conferences, really all kinds of resources, etc.)
And more....
Bee cool! Bee good! Bee-have! (enough already.)

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  1. I love bees. I think they are the most amazing insect. Do you know they don't get to collect pollen etc until they have learnt to do things like clean the hive etc (at least that is what I was told by a bee keeper only yesterday).


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