Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mike Vick: Rules and regulations, who needs 'em....

Ahhhh...The Weekly Vick. Throw the guy a bone; throw away the key.

As if he didn't have enough problems already, self-confessed dogfighting ringleader Michael Vick more recently tested positive for marijuana use. As a result, Judge Henry Hudson has ordered that Vick abide a curfew and be electronically monitored until his December sentencing date. One of the conditions of Vick's federal release was that he "refrain" from possession and use of illegal drugs. You need a judge to tell you this?

Vick's indifference to laws and rules (forget about morals or ethics) is both reckless and defiant. His behavior begs the question: Does he care? He's essentially blown his career and its financial perks. He's a poster boy for wasted opportunities. (He's a poster boy for lots of stuff lately.) He's involved in drugs, gambling, intentionally malicious animal cruelty. It appears he doesn't care for his own life, much less any other life. Perhaps his December sentencing should include weekly therapy sessions.


Additionally, reports are surfacing that Vick's Bad Newz Kennels might be linked to the April murder of a North Carolina pit bull breeder. Over 30 pit bulls were found at the victim's residence; the dogs were put down as it was evident they were bred and trained for fighting. Records found in the home list some dogs with the same names as those found in federally seized records from Vick's kennel.

And, last but not least, Vick has just been indicted on state (Virginia) charges related to dogfighting.

To read a CNN story about Vick's failure of a drug test, click on this link. To read the Sports Illustrated version, click on this link.

To read a Washington Post story about Bad Newz Kennels' possible connection to a NC murder, click on this link.

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