Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mike Vick: PETA, Virginia, & the NFL

Mike Vick's having a very busy week.

In early September, Vick met privately with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) president Ingrid Newkirk, and accepted an offer to attend an 8-hour "Developing Empathy for Animals" course. He was the only 'student' at the Sept. 18 class, and an interested one according to reports. The class was followed by an exam, which he passed.

Earlier today, a November 27 trial date was set for Vick to face dogfighting-related charges in Surry County (Virginia) Circuit Court. Vick's lawyers say they will fight the charges as, they insist, he has already plead guilty to federal charges and should not be tried twice. However, technically, both federal and state laws allow for dual trials.

Additionally, on Thursday Vick and NFL Falcons' reps will meet for arbitration regarding his signing bonus. The Falcons want up to $22 million refunded. It's said that Vick's reps will probably assert that it was a signing bonus, which he has earned in full.

To read the PETA article, click on this link. To read the Washington Post article about Vick and PETA, click on this link; to read about Vick and the state charges and contract arbitration, click on this link.

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