Thursday, August 30, 2007

Irish Soccer Star Gerard Cavlan Leader of Dogfighting Ring

According to Associated Press, Irish Soccer player/star Gerard Cavlan has been found to be "Director" of a dogfighting organization. Cavlan is co-owner of a facility titled Bulldog Sanctuary Kennels; he was filmed by a BBC program talking about his dogs and describing one of the dogfights. Over a dozen fighting dogs were confiscated from his kennels during a raid; when officials returned the next day to confiscate an additional three dogs, they were found "missing". His partner is said to be a drug trafficker.

The AP article states that Cavlan was fined earlier this year for owning a dangerous dog (which he claims, when asked about the dog's scars, that he didn't know was used for fighting purposes since it was imported from Finland for an unnamed friend).

Demand Cavlan's expulsion from the Gaelic Athletic Association. Cavlan is breeding violence.

Gerard Cavlan joins Mike Vick in The Dog House.

To read the story at, click on this link. To read the article at, click on this link. To visit the Associated Press site, click on this link.

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