Sunday, September 2, 2007

BBC Spotlight: Soccer's Cavlan & International Dog Fighting

GAA Tyrone football (soccer) star Gerard Cavlan is stirring up further debate about both the (in)humanity and popularity of dog fighting in 'civilized' societies.

After the BBC program 'Spotlight' completed a year-and-half long investigation, some ugly and disturbing facts about international dog fighting have been made public.

'Spotlight' infiltrated one of 15 dog fighting gangs said to be operating in Ireland. They filmed and audio-recorded fights and conversations about dog fighting. Gerard Cavlan appears to be one of the better known, and more seriously involved, 'ring leaders'. Spotlight's undercover reporter witnessed dog fights, and had this to say:

"The most shocking thing was seeing the dogs being ripped apart and being covered in puncture wounds with gristle coming out of it and bites down to the bone where you could see the white of the bone underneath," he said.
"You could hear the skin and flesh tearing as every wound was inflicted."

The investigation lead to the discovery of an international dog fighting ring in Finland, in which Cavlan was associated, and the breeding and (oftentimes illegal) exportation of dogs used for fighting each other. Specifically, they also found that the country's leading pit bull breeder was breeding for fights and exporting fighting dogs by deceiving customs officials.

To read the BBC/UK/Northern Ireland story, click on this link.

Earlier this year, Cavlan was found liable for "possession of a dangerous dog," (although, I believe, it is not allowed in Ireland to own pit bulls; please let me know if this is otherwise). Cavlan obviously lied his way out of the situation and was only fined and prohibited for five years from owning "a terrier type" dog.

To sign a petition calling for Cavland GAA suspension, click on this link, or go to:

Here are the email addresses, if you'd like to contact the Gaelic Football Association directly:

To see the program, go to this site or click on this link:

Ask for both Ger Cavlan's and Michael Vick's ouster from their respective sports, and that they both be prohibited from ever owning any kind of animal - hamster, snake, whatever. They are so unappreciative of life that they shouldn't be allowed to even eat animals. (I'm a vegetarian, however I believe we should all be appreciative of food that in turn gives us life.)


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  2. Cavlan is a Gaelic Footballer who resides in Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, where is is allowable to own pit bulls.


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