Thursday, August 30, 2007

In The Dog House: Port Orchard, WA: Dogs to be euthanized for killing cat

The City of Port Orchard, Washington, is set to euthanize four dogs because they killed a neighbor's cat.

While it's easy to understand being angry because your cat was killed, it's rather over-reaction to put down the dogs for doing what most dogs do: act on their prey drive. Some dogs don't have one, others have them fierce. This seems like it was akin to chasing down a squirrel or rabbit, which dogs do.

I suspect the City wants to put down the dogs because they are part pit bull, specifically pit bull and husky. Is this not over the top? When the City Animal Control showed up, the dogs sniffed the truck and jumped in of their own accord. That's a sign of a vicious dog?

How did this story make the news? Because the owner "broke the dogs out of jail," so to speak, and has been arrested.

What might be a better reaction by the City is to enforce that the dogs be confined to their yard, or the neighbor's cat be confined to it's home.

The dogs are set to be killed tomorrow. Write Port Orchard City Hall at this email address:

You can put these obtuse people (City Animal Control) in The Dog House.

Read the article on by clicking on this link.


  1. Wow learn the facts, the cat was killed in another county and the dogs were taken by their law enforcement and yes the owner did steal the dogs out of there shelter and he did resist lawk enforcement when they came to his house to get the dogs back . And his dogs a couple of months later attacked another dog at the park in Port Orchard causing that dog to be taken to the vet.

  2. So then what I said was correct: the dogs killed a cat, law enforcement took the dogs, the owner took the dogs back (unlawfully). My belief remains the same. That something else happened months after this incident is not what this post is about; although it seems that if the dogs had been confined to their yard, they wouldn't have had an opportunity to attack another dog in a park.

  3. What kind of government does Port Orchard have? I would take my dog out of the hands of someone wanting to kill them also. This is not a fair trial!! What is wrong with stipulating that the dogs be confined to their yard and the owner fined or even jailed if they get out again.


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