Friday, August 3, 2007

In The Dog House: SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference)

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has declared that it will honor federal indictee Michael Vick. Looks like The Dog House is getting a little crowded.

In yet another attempt, in this case by state and national "civil rights" and "Christian" organizations, to deny the possibility of animal abuse by the famous and wealthy, the SCLC has joined the NAACP and Mike Vick in The Dog House.

They are all missing the point.

The point is that a federal indictment reflects probable cause. Why is the public correct in feeling that Michael Vick is even peripherally involved in dog fighting? Because there is probable cause. Contrary to SCLC and NAACP announcements, no one has claimed Mike Vick guilty. What has been claimed is that there is probable cause; based on probable cause, it is reasonable to ask for suspension of contracts in which Vick is to serve as a role model.

So, why pick on Mike Vick? Because there is probable cause to incite outrage. Because Mike Vick seeks, via his football and endorsement contracts, to portray himself as a role model - and there is probable cause that he should not be a role model. Because Vick owned and developed the property in which the dog fighting ring operated, there is probable cause that he knew what was going on there. Because Vick is a licensed dog breeder of pit bulls and cane corsos, there is probable cause that he had access to large numbers of specific-breed dogs used for fighting. Because Vick's kennel ( is registered as being located at the same address as the house that was raided and over 60 fighting dogs were found, there is probable cause. Because Vick refers both to his birthplace and kennels as Bad Newz, and that is the same name as the dog fighting ring located on his property, there is probable cause to suspect that he might be involved. Therefore, we the public have been presented, seemingly on a silver platter by Mike Vick, with probable cause to suspect that he is guilty. It is not unreasonable for people to act on suspicions. Therefore, I suspect that Mike Vick is guilty. And I have no problems acting on my suspicions.

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