Monday, July 30, 2007

In The Dog House: Atlanta/Georgia NAACP

News has it that Michael Vick's co-defendant in the federal indictment for dog fighting, Tony Taylor, has pleaded guilty, and will face sentencing in December. According to news reports, Taylor admits to being a co-founder of the Bad Newz Kennels and to being the location scout for the enterprise, as well as being part of the organization through 2004. To read the Washington Post story, click on this link.

Most unfortunately, however, the NAACP has stepped in and made this a racial issue. (To read the ESPN story click on this link.) The recent uproar about dog fighting was never was a racial issue, it is an issue about the ugliness and illegality of dog fighting and those who participate in it. Vick put himself in the position of becoming the face of dog fighting. Mike Vick is not being treated any differently in "the court of public opinion" than anyone else that's indicted by a federal grand jury. By the (Atlanta) NAACP holding a press conference they've made this a racial issue.

According to news reports, Atlanta NAACP President R. L. White asked that the public "Be restrained in your premature judgment until the legal process is completed." Additionally, Georgia NAACP President Edward Dubose concurs. How damned insulting. Neither White nor Dubose is restraining personal premature judgment; they've just made it public that they judge this as a racial issue, thereby making it so on a societal level. Both White's and Dubose's professional involvement in this issue is racially divisive, and therefore appalling and disgusting. And, in a show of support for only the wealthy (as relates to this case, at least), the NAACP, at last read, has not come to the defense of Vick's co-defendants.

The national NAACP just lost my current and future support. Certainly the Georgia and Atlanta NAACP chapters are well deserved residents of The Dog House.

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