Friday, August 3, 2007

Ethics & Big Money: The SCLC & Vick, Coke, and The Home Depot

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference's honoring and supporting of Mike Vick certainly seems suspicious. Why? At least in part, because (according to the SCLC web site):
  • Coca-Cola is a major sponsor of SCLC; Vick has an endorsement contract with Coke
  • The Home Depot is a major sponsor of SCLC; co-founder of the The Home Depot, Arthur Blank is also owner of The Atlanta Falcons
Additionally, the SCLC has bastardized the estimable ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr., which it aims to represent, with the statement about Vick by SCLC President Charles Steele, Jr., that "We need to support him no matter what the evidence reveals." What does an attitude like that have to do with civil or human rights? I believe that Mr. King's ideals would not be in agreement with any such statement.

Why doesn't the SCLC honor or support a truly deserving person, rather than defending one that has not presented himself in any way as being of importance in effecting either civil or human rights? Because the SCLC (and the Atlanta & Georgia NAACP) decided to ride the bandwagon that will lead to national media attention.

The SCLC's actions are representative of an increasing culture among powerful Americans that consciously choose to rank ethics second to the media.
They deserve to be in The Dog House.

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