Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lola, 6/2000 - 7/2007

Today we mourn the passing of Lola, the beloved pup of our friend Tracey.

Lola was a happy girl, and always greeted loved ones affectionately and with a wonderful smile. (Really – her lips came up in a grin and she showed her teeth!) She was an active girl and took pleasure in a good squirrel chase, her toys, the couch, car rides, and 'most everything and everyone. She enthusiastically accompanied her mom on many a trip to and from New York and Michigan. Lola was always up for an adventure and for just relaxing with those she loved.

Lola was a pure spirit; to know her was to love her. She passed this afternoon in the arms of her loving mom Tracey.

Lola was a cherished and loyal companion of Tracey and Alan, and is predeceased by her partner Atticus and BFF Bastet. Her devoted mate Cinnamon (Cinny) survives her.

Sweet dreams, Lola girl.

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