Sunday, July 15, 2007

House of Reps & Mitt Romney & Dogs

Every now and then I look at my Stats to see who has been reading my blog - or at least landing on my page. It's cool to see what cities, states or countries the readers are from. It's informative to know what links sent them to my blog. And it's kinda neat to find out who they are and maybe check out their blog, or to find out what search words were used to land on this page.

O.K. So I'm looking at all this stuff and see Is someone in the U.S. government wasting taxpayer money just to sit around and surf the web all day? Of course not. So I follow the links back and see that someone in the House of Representatives was doing a search on Mitt Romney, seemingly to find out what the general public thinks about this politician's recent skeleton-out-of-the-closet: the outing (by his eldest son) of Romney's forays into animal abuse (see post 6/29/07, or label Obtuse People). I land on a Google page full of bloggers ranting about Mr. Romney's treatment of his dog Seamus, fearing (rightly so) that the guy is bonkers enough to not understand the consequences of his thoughtlessness, or the absurdity of his thought (as the case may be).

Let's hope the House of Reps at least get the picture that animal abuse - by politicians, NFL superstars (Michael Vick, for example), or anyone else - will no longer be tolerated by a public that has the power to effect social change.

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