Friday, June 29, 2007

Presidential Contender Kennels Dog on Car Roof; Goes for 12-Hour Drive

And he calls it a prime example of "crisis management."

There's a new resident in The Dog House.

Just when there's hope of a Presidential "reprieve," along comes a presidential contender that is thoughtful enough to bring the family dog on vacation - by strapping its kennel to the roof of the car.


Yes, 2008 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney admits to the 1983 incident in which his family dog, Seamus, traveled from Boston to Ontario in a kennel (crate) strapped to the roof of the family car. Seamus, of course, was scared shitless (literally). Romney says the dog enjoyed it. (What dog doesn't like bouncing around on a car roof for 12 hours at 55 miles per?)

Click here to read the article.

Or, try this
American recipe for presidential jerk (only 12 hours to make!)
  • Put a presidential contender (preferably Mitt Romney) in a kennel
  • Strap the kennel to the car roof
  • Go!
  • When you notice crap flowing down the back window, pull into a gas station
  • Hose down the car and the presidential candidate
  • Continue on your way
  • Half-bake for 12 hours at minimum 60 mph
Voila! (May cause nausea or leave permanent aftertaste.)

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