Monday, March 7, 2011

Southeast Michigan's Monroe County Busts Dog Fighting Ring

Here's a link to the story at The Detroit Free Press.

This is a story about some real heinous people, and has some photos of the dogs that were rescued (which are not all "Pit Bull" -- and include one small fluffy dog that was probably going to be used for bait). Two dogs were fatally wounded in fighting. The participants are residents of both Michigan and other states.

Too disturbing. I need to find some happy stories and do a happy post.


  1. Here is a Happy Story about Dawg Fighting... One of Blogville's finest residents.. found a female Pittie and she had been used fur BAIT. They took her home. Named her Shelby... and WE... Blogville Residents... raised enough money to get her Well and she is now healthy and happy. Go back to some of my Summer time posts to read about SHELBY.
    They don't all die.
    Butt the HUMANS (or IN-humans) SHOULD!!!
    Down with Michael Vick and his kind!!!

  2. Frankie,

    You are SO right on! Yay for Shelby and the people that helped her. Hers is a very hopeful story.

  3. Quasar & Star... please give this URL to your mom... She can read all about Shelby and how lucky her life has turned out to be.

    they aren't posting right now ... beclause their MOM is having a boy pup... any day now!!!

  4. The people that participate in these disgusting activities are perfect examples of why public flogging should be brought back.

    There are good people out there. Here's something that I hope brings a smile to your face:


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