Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan: Survivor Dog Leads People To Injured Canine Pal

This is just heartbreaking.

Of course, we are all aware of the mounting sadness and mounting tragedies in Japan since the devastating earthquake and tsunami last week. It's difficult to understand how any living being has survived, and yet there have been amazing stories of survivors -- a man clinging to the roof of his house 10 miles at sea, an uninjured infant found under rubble several days later, a wandering horse by the roadside, a cow standing in the middle of a field, two dogs in Sendai that survived by breaking free of their ropes and running up the exterior stairs of their owner's home, and here two pals staying by each other. Surely after seeing a video like this one can only further accept and value life in all its forms -- human, canine, whatever.... Let's say a prayer for all.

I'll try to find out how we can help the animal life in Japan that is affected, and will post information soon.


  1. Heartbreaking, but inspiring and amazing. The devastation is overwhelming, yet there are miracles happening every day, like these dogs. I heard on the news last night that they have been rescued and the injured dog is receiving treatment. My thoughts are with the people in Japan and I hope that there are many more miracles to come. Thanks for posting and I look forward to your info on how to help animal life in Japan.

  2. Everybody can help, see the links:$$&c=7488198


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