Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's A Blizzard Outside - Please Bring Your Pets Inside

There's a blizzard happening outside. NO pet should be outside in this; bring your pets inside, please. Please! (Don't make me go to your house!!!)

What is a blizzard? Winds over 35 mph with blowing or drifting snow, with visibility less than 1/4-mile, and lasts for longer than several hours.

Be kind. All pets inside!


  1. Absolutely agree!! I also topped up my bird feeders. It's difficult for a feathered friends to find food in this type of weather.

  2. Hello My Dear Long time Furends Star and Quasar.

    This was a very timely post!!!

    I hope you are warm and dry and Safe from the winter nasty stuff.

  3. Quasar LOVES to play in snow. Detroit area did not get hit as hard as southwest Michigan. Still, we think we got about 9 - 12 inches of snow.


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