Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pet Airways - Airline for Pet Flight Travel in the USA

Ever need to transport your pet across country, but fear the horror stories of pets' adventures in cargo-hold on an airline -- so you end up driving? Now your pet can fly in the cabin, with a bit more attention and comfort, and without the fear of extreme temperatures (and worse) to which cargo holds are often subject. (After all, your pet is not a suitcase.)

If so, then you'll want to read an interesting article in today's New York Times, titled Paws Up - All-Pet Airline Hits Skies.

The article talks about a New York couple that have created an airline specifically for the transportation of pets between the cities of NY, Washington, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. As of this writing, the fare is only $250 one-way trip.

Detroit Dog thinks this is a great idea for both pet health and owner peace-of-mind.

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