Sunday, March 22, 2009

TigerLily Finds Her Forever Home

Dana (TigerLily) comfy with a new toy in her new home.

Our foster greyhound TigerLily (racing name Stormy Dana, aka Shanna) was adopted this past weekend by a wonderful family. We will miss her big floppy ears and her incredibly long waggy tail, and her gentle demeanor.

Last Sunday we heard from Michigan ReGAP that a family was interested in meeting Dana, so we called them on Monday and set up a time for them to meet Dana on Tuesday.

MP and wife PP and 9 year old son RP stopped by our house last Tuesday evening to visit with Dana for close to an hour. We talked about her - and them - and then went outside to play with her, then AR and Quasar went for a walk around the neighborhood with Dana and the family. It was a wonderful visit, and I must say that I was impressed by the family. Dana is their first dog, but they've been looking for well over 6 months, and have been researching the breed, and were just very conscientious that the adoption was the right thing for all concerned -- dog and human.

We liked the family and they liked Dana, so paperwork was taken care of, and on Saturday the P family stopped by to pick up Dana and take her home. We packed some treats, her blankie, and a few toys she'd come to like, as well as her vet and racing records, gave her a kiss and said goodbye. We were a little teary-eyed.

Dana has moved pretty far north of here (there's still snow), but she's with a wonderful and loving family in a very big home, with four acres (!) to romp, and a little boy with lots of love. We should all be so lucky!

We wish all the best for Dana and her Forever Family.


  1. Wonderful news! We're so pleased for her. We like happy endings:)

  2. Awww! I had big hopes for the four of you being together "forever".

    I am glad she's found a good home though. She's such a sweetheart.

    How is Quasar coping without her?


  3. Thanks, Henry!

    Hey, Kat. Quasar enjoys being an only child, and seems to have adjusted to her absence just fine -- except for running out the door. They would always race out together and he would chase her (poor girl!).


  4. I'm so glad she's found a home. The people sound good and everyone has a "first time" for having a dog. ;-)

  5. She looks sweet and happy to be moving on, and there is tremendous love and gratitude in those gorgeous eyes. It's not a happy ending but a happy new beginning!

  6. Squirelmama, I've never heard it said so nicely as you just said; it is a happy new beginning for Dana.


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