Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dog & Pet Rescue and Adoption: Detroit and Michigan Shelters & Rescue Groups

Looking to adopt a dog, cat, or any furry friend?

Then click one of these links, or one of the many more listed in Bastet's Pet Adoption Links in this blog's sidebar. While you're there, check out Bastet's Greyhound Adoption Links.
Also in the sidebar are links to animal welfare and animal law sites, and detroit dog's (animal) site suggestions.

Links are updated frequently. See detroit dog's post of April 27, 2008, for a links listing of over 20 Michigan animal adoption/rescue groups at the 2008 Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo event. Or, click on the Adoption label in this blog's sidebar.


  1. It's troubling to look at this video. What else can you say? My dad served in the Vietnam war and I can say I have personally seen how war can mess up ones mind. This soldier needs a psychiatric evaluation for sure. As for the video, it seems to me they were on an incline not necessarily standing before a cliff. It's mean anyway you look at it. This is what war is doing to some of our troops. It's like a numbness I think. How would you feel if you had to kill on command..daily? They don't show you this guy from day one and here he is today carelessly throwing this defenseless puppy which may pail in comparison to all that may have been ordered to do proceeding up to this point. We have no idea what they've had to do in the name of war. It reminds keep praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ for peace and an end to this war.

  2. How wonderful that you list all these places for people to adopt pets that are so deserving of a second chance.

  3. I believe this is a great thing you are doing for animals the blog, pictures, and videos are outstanding in getting the point across. If you would not mind I would very much like to Blogroll link with you, because I believe in what you are doing and adoption and caring for dogs are what my blog is on. Thank you so much for your time.


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