Thursday, February 28, 2008

4 x 4 Meme

What follows is a "4 x 4" Meme, as assigned by blogger-pal Kathleen at Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes, and has been changed to protect the guilty. Who is detroit dog?

4 Jobs I've had
(ok, 4 jobs Bastet has had)
  1. Professional racer. Yes, detroit dog was a big-time, high-stakes money winner at Connecticut's Plainfield racetrack. Professional racing name: PA's Ions Cash
  2. Therapy dog at hospital. This job was short-lived as I'm too well-behaved and don't make eye contact.
  3. Attache (personal assistant; wildlife tour guide; backseat driver)
  4. Body guard (muscles, size, swiftness, and good teeth can be quite intimidating)
4 Doggie-related things about me (yep, detroit dog)
  1. I was chased by a pack of Chihuahuas when I was 9 years old (really!)
  2. I am afraid of small dogs (well, not so much as I used to be)
  3. A dog once sniffed me, then peed on me - it was a small dog (I had to change my work clothes; please, stop laughing)
  4. In dog years, I'm 7
4 Little known things about Detroit
  • Detroit is on top of salt mines, which you can walk through all the way to Buffalo, NY
  • Detroit is the site of the first mile of paved road in the world: Woodward Avenue between 6 Mile Road and 7 Mile Road, in 1909
  • Detroit is the only continental U.S. city north of Canada (Windsor, Ontario)
  • Ste. Anne de Detroit is the second oldest continuously operating Catholic parish in the U.S.
4 Homes I've visited (yep again, detroit dog)
  1. Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico City
  2. Salvador and Gala Dali's house in Port Ligat, Spain
  3. The Tenement Museum in New York City
  4. The Dog House!

Now, enough about me!


  1. Good Boy, uh, Girl. Lots of fun and interesting info, gives me a bit of insight into you. Thank you.
    I'm steering clear of memes for a while - although I did see a good one on movies today. No. No. NO.
    So, you're 49, 56? I can never remember, is it 7 human years for cats and 6 for dogs, or vice versa?

    that's cool that you've seen Kahlo's and Dali's houses. What's the Tenement House?

  2. Hi Kat,

    I always feel conflicted about giving info about myself on this particular blog. Perhaps when I return to the other one.

    The Tenement Museum is in Manhattan's lower east side. A small storefront type office has videos of interviews with people and their descendants that arrived in the U.S. through Ellis Island. Across the street is a 6-story tenement, decorated just as it was in the 1800s, when immigrants lived there. Interesting to see furniture, appliances, and learn more about life back then.

  3. BTW, I'm 7 dog years plus 1 human year.

  4. Now, detroit dog has been around and had quite a life (we'll forget about a couple unpleasant experiences). I'm sure he is too modest to admit that he is a "pro" backseat driver!

    Really fascinating about the Tenement Museum information. Would love to see that. My grandparents came shortly before Ellis Island. Would be interesting to see the things from that era.

  5. Hi Strawberry Lane,

    Thanks for your visit!

    Do make it to The Tenement Museum if you get the chance. Last I was there, it was very inconspicuous, but highly informative. NYC's lower east side is just full of immigrant and ethnic history - and many stores and restaurants to go with it.

  6. I like the way you changed up the meme. I had to change it up too. Actually, I completely changed it but kept the 4x4 theme. I just didn't have the patience to do it the other way.

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Memes are actually very tough for me. I consider them rather like chain-mail and spam emails. Basically, someone wants to know about you, but with the best of intentions (one hopes). I try not to lose the focus of this blog, so will do a little "translation" along with a bit more personal stuff.

    'nuff said. :-)


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