Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mike Vick's Dogs

Today's New York Times Sports: Pro Football section features a follow up story about what's become of former NFL pro Mike Vick's dogs. The story Given Reprieve, NFL Star's Dogs Find Kindness features an audio slide show and let's us know what kind of shape the dogs are in and where they're at.

Though it was suggested by PETA and the Humane Society that all of Vick's dogs be put down, only one was euthanized because of its aggression towards people. As reported in the Times story, the other dogs were given to a variety of rescue groups and sanctuaries; featured in this story are Vick's dogs that are currently at Best Friends Animal Society, a 3,700 acre animal sanctuary in Utah.

The most 'dangerous' or 'damaged' of the dogs were sent to Best Friends. One female dog has no teeth; it was used for breeding and had its teeth removed so it couldn't bite the male dogs. Others are scarred or have facial nerve damage, among other problems. The dogs have a variety of physical and emotional problems, including obsessive/compulsive behaviors. Visit the sanctuary's site to read The Vicktory Dogs, meet the dogs, follow their progress, and see a video.

Vick is currently serving a 23 month sentence in Leavenworth Prison for his federal conviction on charges related to dog fighting.

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  1. 23 months isn't long enough.

    I'm afraid if I look at the sanctuary site, I'll want to adopt them.

  2. Hi Nancy. The dogs look pretty scarred; only some of them will be for adoption and the others will live out their lives at the sanctuary because their problems are so severe. My fear is that the dogs will be adopted because they are Vick's dogs and might again be used in a similar setting again.

    I think the public should not have been told which dogs were Vick's.

  3. 23 years would be a start.
    I'm so delighted to learn that most of the dogs have been rescued. I hope any adoptions will be meticulously screened and followed up. Poor darlings.

  4. I shudder to think what a man like that would do to his own children. 23 months is not even close to making up for all the horrible unspeakable things he has bestowed on those poor harmless dogs!!!


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