Friday, February 8, 2008

Dogs of War: Coming Home

Wonderful story in ABC World News tonight: Family Brings Home Dogs of Dead Soldier: Journey of 2 Dogs Helps Family of Soldier Who Died While on Duty in Iraq.

Army Sergeant Peter Neesley, of nearby Grosse Pointe Farms, died in Baghdad on Christmas day, but his spirit lives on in the two dogs he rescued and cared for at his military base, and had hoped to bring home with him in July.

Neeley's dogs of war, Mama and her pup Boris, today arrived at their new home in nearby Grosse Pointe Farms; the dogs' new "forever home" is with Neeley's family, and help to keep Sergeant Neeley's spirit alive with loved ones.

Partners in bringing the dogs home were Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin, Best Friends Animal Society, Gryphon Airlines (American-owned, with service to Iraq), and the Iraqi Society for Animal Welfare, and Threat Management Group - a security company that rounded up the dogs.

Click on the above links to read the story and see photos on the ABC News web site, or read the story Dogs of sergeant who died in Iraq meet new family in Grosse Pointe Farms at The Detroit Free Press site. The Best Friends site has a wonderful story with great pix.

It's nice to hear good news.

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