Monday, January 28, 2008

Hay for Horses: Horses Suffer from Hay Shortage

Another post motivated by the words of blogger-pal Victoria at Teachings of the Horse.

Recently, Victoria has voiced concerns about the high costs of hay and the difficulty in getting it in her part of the country (northeast USA); in today's post The Hay Fund, she informs us about the recent drought's effect on hay production and its consequential effects on equine care and life. For details, please read Victoria's important post, or read more (and make a tax-deductible donation) at Fairfield Equine Associates.

Suffice to say that in great part due to recent hay shortages and resulting skyrocketing costs throughout the U.S., many horses are starving, and/or being abandoned or sold for slaughter. (Hay costs have increased 8 - 10x over the past year.)

To learn more about the horse-meat/slaughter industry, read Horses Spared in U.S. Face Death Across the Border in Jan. 11 issue of The New York Times.


  1. I unfortunately do not have the stomach to watch the videos or read the articles - and know all too well what happens (and why I am a vegetarian!) but I want to thank you for your thorough job of bringing this to everyone's attention. The word MUST get out there, and you are clearly doing your part.



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