Thursday, December 27, 2007

SF Zoo Tiger Attack Follow Up

See post of 1/18/2008 for updated info.

Click on this link for a NY Times updated story about the Christmas day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo.

Current news reports print that the San Francisco Zoo's Lion House, which is the habitat for its tigers, includes a 33-foot moat and a 12-1/2 foot surrounding wall.

Does this Zoo director have absolutely no idea about the logistics of his own zoo? At a press conference yesterday, he stated that the moat was 20-feet and the wall 18-feet. (I watched the press conference on CNN.)

The American Zoo Association, an accreditation organization for zoos, apparently have never noted the discrepancy between the wall height at the SF Zoo Lion House and their accreditation requirements. Unbelievable.

For information about the SF Zoo tiger attack, and information about the physical capabilities of (Siberian) tigers, please see the post immediately preceding this one.


  1. There's nothing worse than a tiger attack, and Christmas has got to be the worst day for one.


  2. I certainly wouldn't want to find out if there is something worse, but I think New Year's Day might be a worse day(helluva way to begin a year).

  3. How interesting that the news changes. Here, the report was that it was a ten foot moat (with no water) and a nine foot high fence.

    Terrible thing to happen. Poor young man and poor tiger. Totally avoidable I am sure.


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