Sunday, December 30, 2007

Detroit and Michigan Pet Stores

Update: Check the sidebar of this blog for adoption agencies and shelters. You can find purebred dogs, cats, and rabbits, ferrets, horses, ducks, and more. Check my blog post of March 1, 2008, for a list of specific links.

An interesting article in today's online Detroit Free Press, titled Michigan agency has not punished pet stores that have been neglectful.

Just another example of Michigan government throwing itself down the toilet.

The article mentions that the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture is formally discontinuing its responsibility to the animals of Michigan - specifically those in pet stores - except in cases of "serious abuse or disease outbreaks."

Here's an example, as quoted from the Freep article:

More than 30 people have complained to the state this year about Pollywood Pets, inside the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens. That's more than any other store. Among the complaints: 20 kittens stuffed in a pen; sick puppies covered in feces, some injured by broken cages; guinea pigs bleeding and overcrowded, one without an eye.

Please note that the State of Michigan does not consider the above example to be "serious abuse."

The story goes on to say that inspections have not been done in years, though complaints have been filed against over 25% of southeast Michigan pet stores. Meanwhile, unlicensed stores continue sales of animals; many pets have proven to be diseased and/or otherwise injured; and dogs are being sold under the legal age limit of 8 weeks.

Please, protest pet stores! Purchase your pet - healthy and for reasonable prices - at area shelters. They've lots of dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and (recently seen at The Humane Society in Rochester Hills) ducks! Do not continue to support these grotesque abusive people/stores that only care to make a buck irregardless of humane and legal practices.

Time to get out the camera.


  1. I hate those pet shops that are in big shopping centres. People only buy the animals on impulse. Just so disgusting. It encourages those huge dog breeding farms that just pump out dog after dog with no regard for welfare. Causes terrible problems when the breed has hereditary issues.

    Either buy from a registered and reputable breeder (if you are after a specific breed) or from a shelter.

    I could go on and on.

  2. Hi Linda! Wow; just published a minute ago; you are fast.

    Totally agree. And you wouldn't believe the number of purebred dogs at the shelters, too.

  3. :( in a similar vane - I was kept awake last night (as it is and had been bitter cold for over a week), of a dog next to our property in the country. This poor animal is tied to a stake without any shelter from the heat or cold. Occasionally he is fed but more often not. I wonder if he had survived the cold spell and hate the neighbors who do this to him. :( They should be tied to a stake without cover.

  4. Hi Isadora,

    It's tough to see that happen; no shelter and rare food is abuse.

    If you do not feel comfortable calling the police (they will take care of it), please call a local animal rescue group and they will take care of it accordingly. How to find one? Go to and type in your zip code -- all kinds of groups will show up.

    Thanks for the comment.


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