Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pet Appreciation

Still on that Thanksgiving theme....

There are lots of reasons to be thankful for our pets. Here are a smattering of thoughts:

  1. Pets are excellent listeners
  2. They love to go everywhere with you (ok, dogs like to go everywhere with you)
  3. They don't complain (well, maybe a little grumble, but they get over it amazingly quickly)
  4. Pets are always happy to see you
  5. They like exercise
  6. They actually don't mind being around you all the time
  7. Scientific stats show that petting pets lowers your blood pressure
  8. They always want to have fun, even when no one else wants to
  9. Pets are warm and good for snuggling (well, not fish or frogs or turtles and the like)
  10. Pets are entertaining (better than TV!)


  1. I'm mostly with you on this one, except for a couple of things different I have noticed about my pet human:

    1) He doesn't exercize much. Mostly he sits in front of a computer screen or a TV (same thing, really).
    2) He can be annoying occasionally, which isn't great on the ol' blood pressure.

  2. Yet still you wish to be with him....


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