Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mike Vick Stories Timeline: Dogfighting, Indictment, Pleas, Endorsements, Statements, Dogs, more Pleas

Since space is needed on the sidebar, this posting will offer links to Mike Vick stories; this post will be 'ongoing'. Check back for new news stories. (Titles shown are sometimes my 'take' on the story.)

Vick Tests Positive for Marijuana; Under House Arrest - CNN

Vick Indicted in Virginia - USA Today

Animal Rights Groups File Brief - Vick Sentencing Suggestions
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Vick Submits Guilty Plea - Washington Post

Vick's Dogs Face Euthanasia - Washington Post
BOND Founder/Pres Outraged by NAACP/SCLC Vick Statements - Christian Newswire

Vick Co-Defendants Plead Guilty - Washington Post

Co-Defendants Implicate Vick - CNN

Vick: Lost Endorsements/Sales

Vick Pleads Not Guilty - Washington Post

Mike Vick Indicted

Dog Fights & Mike Vick - Washington Post

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