Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BBC 'Spotlights' Cavlan/Dogfighting: Program Transcripts

I've just read a transcript of the BBC program "Spotlight" which investigated dogfighting and related Ger Cavlan's involvement.

The program has amazing recordings of conversations and dogfights with the top players in the 'sport', including dog kennels, transport, fights, and electrocution. We can only hope that these people will be severely punished, however it appears that punishments are minor, maybe a couple years' jail for convictions. In fact, one person they speak of has been prohibited from owning dogs, but now says that she cares for them on her property for other people. Still, we can hope that their operations will be severely damaged.

Unfortunately, the 'Spotlight' program is indecisive about whether it's about dogfighting, pit bull attacks on people, or the legality of the dogs in parts of the U.K. It gives the false impression that pit bulls are necessarily vicious dogs. 'Spotlight' would have been so much better had it been about one or the other topic, and in my opinion, solely about dogfighting; you take care of one problem, and related concerns will fall into place.

Still, I hope the repercussions are heavy.

To read the BBC 'Spotlight' transcription, click on this link.

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