Friday, August 17, 2007

Vick's Career Opportunities

Click on this link to read an article by Sports Illustrated writer Don Banks. The article title is NFL personnel candidly address Vick's future impact.

For the article, Banks spoke with more than several NFL personnel about Vick's prospects for returning to football if he serves prison time. There are a wide range of opinions and views: everything from the conditions under which he'd be hired to his physical condition upon return to the game, from team leadership competencies to public relations liabilities.

My nephew tells me that Vick is a physically talented athlete, but not a mentally talented athlete. (I know next to nothing about football.) It seems to me, then, that this discrepancy in talents will be just as debilitating to his career as time spent away from the game.

One thing I've found interesting in reading all the "what ifs" is that everyone that foresees Vick serving prison time does not question if he'll survive it physically unscathed. Granted the man is in superb physical condition, but if someone wants to prove himself "Top Dog," Vick could be hurt in a way that wouldn't require hospitalization, but could end any hope of his returning to football. {I thought of this while thinking about 1970s former Detroit Tiger Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. Rumors around Detroit back then said The Bird was having a fling with the wrong woman: her husband/boy friend found them and purposefully injured The Bird's pitching arm, essentially ending his career.}

Well, I don't believe in "an eye for an eye," and sincerely wish the guy no physical harm. I just wonder that no one seems to have considered this (at least publicly).

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