Friday, August 17, 2007

Squirrel Love, Squirrel Fight

Do you have squirrels where you live? Here on our little plot of land, about 8 blocks outside of Detroit, we have lots of squirrels. They are constantly chasing each other. (There's a squirrel nest in our neighbor's tree, right at the fence.) All my life, I've wondered what would happen if one squirrel finally caught another squirrel. Well, back in March or April I found out. Watching two squirrels run up a tree, I noticed that they'd stopped to 'make out.' hmmm....

So, here I am - right now - on the patio, reading other blogs (see the 'Just One More Blog' links on the sidebar), when I hear two squirrels chasing each other and making all kinds of noise. I turned around to see a ball of fur whirring around in mid-air. It looked like a cartoon! Well, I didn't want to wait to see if blood was going to spill, so I started making those funny squirrel noises, too. That stopped 'em cold. They ran off in different directions.

So, that's what happens when one squirrel finally catches up to another. duh.

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