Monday, August 13, 2007

Stupid Cop Leaves Police Dog in Overheated Car

An Arizona police officer went home and "apparently forgot" his police dog in his vehicle, and the temperature in nearby Phoenix is reported to have been 109F that day. The dog, of course, died.

It's beyond me how people forget there are other living beings in a car with them, especially a large dog. Aren't cops supposed to know better?

Almost too ugly for words; read the story, courtesy of KPHO News.


  1. Although Chandler Police have not made comment, it would appear this officer should now be a patrolman and relieved of his duties as a K-9 Sgt. He should be repaying the city for the loss of the dog. I wonder how come nothing has been done yet on the similar incident that occurred in March with the Phoenix officer? How long does it take to investigate the death of an animal left in a car? Is this another situation where because of their position, it will be swept under the rug??

  2. I certainly hope this patrolman is going to be charged with murder of his partner. There should be no question as to why, that officer, whether he be a dog or a person was his partner and it was the patrolmans responsiblity to watch his back through thick and thin circumstances. He neglected his responsiblities and the death of his partner was undoubtably his fault.
    I hope that the ASPCA & other facilities step up and assist in seeing to it that this "patrolman" is sentanced to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. Wonder how the policeman would fair if he were left in a car for 12 hours..........hmmmmm.

    This policeman needs to be held to the same, if not higher standards, than the general public. He needs to have consequences just as another person would. That poor dog was at the helpless mercy of his handler. I am angry and saddened by this incident.


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