Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vick plea, suspended endorsements/sales

To read the Washington Post article about Mike Vick entering a Not Guilty plea to federal indictment charges related to felony dog fighting, click here; to read the BBC story, click here.

Re Michael Vick: Nike suspends foot-ware endorsement; Reebok suspends retail sales of Vick Jersey #7; collectible trading card company Donruss omits Vick card from remaining 2007 releases. To read the story on MSNBC, click here.

I thank these businesses for suspending their relationships with Vick.

While the law says "innocent until proven guilty," at the very least Vick must have known what was transpiring on his own property; therefore, he must have been part of a conspiracy. He said he rarely visited his property - which means he was there sometimes. Sixty-plus emaciated and/or severely scarred and chained or kenneled dogs is not something easily overlooked (or unheard) during a visit; he must have known something. Additionally, since he owned the property and everything on it was built after his purchase, and with his money, you'd think he'd have known that fenced "kennels" and doghouses were built there.


More later....

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