Saturday, June 2, 2007

Twice the Blog - Twice the Fun!

OK, so I haven't had this much time since...well, since before junior high school.

So, I've created a second blog. It is titled World of Smells. Like this blog, the inspiration is Bastet, and her wonderful love of smells. My husband and I have talked for years about putting a mini-cam on Bastet so that we could get close-up pix of whatever she was smelling - and then hosting a cable TV show of the footage. Of course the title would be World of Smells!

Well, there's only one posting so far, since the blog started June 1. However, the aim is to smell something every day, say what it is, and then describe it as best I can. Hmmm...worthwhile, eh? Possibly. I'll try to add a photo every day, too.

Anyway, though this idea has been hanging around for years, I must admit that part of my motivation was that of another blog, Today's Life List. Jill, the blogger, tries something new each day, and posts about it. Most of it, possibly all of it, is rather mundane stuff. Why is it so interesting? Not because of what she tries, or does. Rather, it has to do with her goal and her diligence, and the mundane things as well.

Hasta pronto!

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