Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here's looking at you, kid

Here's a quickie email I received this morning from my youngest sister, who is blind (her word). She has a cutie Black Lab leader dog named Indigo. She's also a part of a leader dog list-serve. This is from a posting on that list-serve:

Is this what is happening to you, where because you wear glasses, people think you can see? So you don't need your dog?

I have artificial eyes. And yes I had a lady tell me I should be ashamed of myself for using a dog when I could see. I had trained the dog to find all of the ramps in the mall I was at. So we would cruise down the mall as if we knew what we were doing. After so many times (of listening to the woman say this), I finally took my eye out. The lady screamed. When the guard from the phone company came out and asked what was happening, I shared the story. He laughed really hard, telling me that he bet the lady never wanted to cross another blind persons' path.

Ah, the fun having a dog.

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