Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In The Dog House: City of Detroit

The Detroit Animal Control almost made it into The Dog House.

Local news reports tell of a coyote captured yesterday in downtown Detroit by Detroit Animal Control. Seems they planned to "euthanize" (kill) the coyote. However, the latest news is that the coyote's life has been spared. Read The Free Press article. The coyote was given to the Michigan Humane Society Detroit Shelter, which is giving the coyote to an external wildlife rehabilitation facility in Oakland County's Oxford, Michigan (seemingly the only one in Michigan that does rehab coyotes).

Thank goodness for the people of Detroit and the metro area that objected to the euthanizing of a healthy and harmless animal. If people hadn't intruded in its territory, it wouldn't be intruding on us.

Also, California has made coyote hunting illegal. It's about time the State of Michigan did the same.

To learn more about coyotes, check out this web site:
To learn more about Michigan licensed (wildlife) rehab facilities, click on:

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