Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Herd of Bunnies

Tonight, my husband and I were outside checking out the stars (The Pleiades), when suddenly we saw something we'd never seen before (well, we weren't looking at the stars at that moment). Three bunnies were chasing each other through the yard, and a fourth bunny ran over from across the street to join in the fray! This went on for over 5 minutes - bunnies running all over the place, up and down the street and around the front yard. They seemed to like our neighbor's yard a lot. Well, we're about 10 blocks outside of Detroit, so this was a real treat. But, it got me to thinking about "rabbit society," so to speak - behavior, personality, etc.

For more rabbit info, check out this great web site: www.rabbit.org
For rabbit toys (lots of them!), supplies, etc., click on this website: www.rabbitcentral.com

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