Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dog-Friendly in Southwest Michigan

AR and Quasar and I took a quick 2-day vacation (came home last night). It's sometimes tough trying to find dog-friendly places to vacation, so I just had to tell you about this.

We drove from Detroit to Union Pier, in southwest Michigan. It's a very small town atmosphere, but very relaxing -- wooded and right on Lake Michigan (my favorite Great Lake!). We stayed at Sweethaven Resort, which is less than a mile off I-94, and less than an hour-and-a-half from Chicago. Sweethaven is dog-friendly, and has 5 cottages for rent that sit on 9-acres of wooded land. Your dog is welcome to be on the grounds leash-free. Plus, there's great stuff for people: bicycles and beach furniture, fire pit, plus our cottage had a hot tub!

Equally as great is the very nearby Warren Dunes State Park, which just this year began allowing dogs to run free on the dunes and in one small part of beach. Quasar had a blast, and proved to us that we have all bonded very well (he enjoyed running free, but came when called).

Woods, beach and dunes, bicycling, hot tub ---- and your dog! Who could ask for more? (Well, there's a great Mexican restaurant nearby with excellent margaritas!)


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  2. It seems like a nice place. I have been to Michigan a couple of times, but that was at the Peninsula.

  3. Your photos are incredible. Love them all. I agree it is really difficult to find places that accept dogs. It is their loss, of course.

  4. That sounds perfect! I want to go there. The photos remind me of vacations from my childhood on the Michigan dunes. We had friends who owned a cottage there. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria. I'm glad the photos brought you some good memories. The Great Lakes are truly a treasure.


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