Monday, August 3, 2009

Parvo Virus - Michigan, August 2009

Local TV news and newspapers have noted an outbreak of the usually fatal canine parvo virus, particularly in the local (Michigan) cities of Pontiac and Inkster.

There are two types of canine parvo virus, which are spread dog-to-dog via contact with infected dog feces. The most common type of the virus is intestinal, and the most common symptoms are lethargy, fever, vomiting, and bloody stool. Death is quick (usually within several days), but painful and ugly. If you notice these symptoms in your dog, it's best to get it to a veterinarian or animal hospital quickly.

The virus usually affects dogs that have not been vaccinated against it (which would include puppies that are not yet old enough to have received all their vaccinations.

Please, follow-up on your pet's annual vaccinations! Also, it might be a good idea to keep puppies out of situations where they might encounter un-vaccinated dogs or their droppings.

Read the Detroit Free Press story Hundreds of dogs in Pontiac, Inkster dying in parvo outbreak.

UPDATE: September 13, 2009

Didi, over at La Ferme de Sourrou, is just recovering from a bout of canine parvo virus. Please check out the post Did Comes Home From The Vets' for details about symptoms, etc.


  1. Our pups should need their next vaccinations soon - thanks for the reminder!

    Irene x

  2. Years ago, a puppy I owned got parvo after being vaccinated for it. It was so scary, but he lived through it. The vet said what saved him was that he had been vaccinated. I hope everyone pays attention to your post. Also, keeping puppies away from dog parks and places where they can encounter other dogs is really important - I think that's how Cosmo caught it.

  3. I have a puppy who is recieving a plasma transfusion right now because of this.. She was vaccinated. but needed one more shot. Everyone needs to be very careful. so far this is day three and they hope its the worst..

  4. Shadi11 - I am glad your pup is being treated, but am so very sorry that she is sick right now. Your story certainly highlights the need for not only conscientiousness (as you were in getting the puppy its vaccinations), but also the need to just keep an eye out health issues. Best wishes for her recovery.

  5. Sorry its been a bit Rosie came home that weekend. She is doing better but still not like she was before she was sick. She seemed to have calmed down alot. Weather thats just getting older I dont know. But I hope that everyone realizes that this isnt a little thing happening. There was quite a few dogs lost at the vet office because they were brought in too late. or they were so small they couldnt handle it or that the owner couldnt afford everything possible to save the dog. Most vets I know are recommending puppies dont go out were other dogs are until they are thru the whole series of puppy shots because they are getting it even when current on shots.

  6. Shad11, I am glad to hear that Rosie is home. I'm sure this was very traumatic for both of you. Best wishes for you both.


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