Monday, December 15, 2008


Please be on the lookout for "Bella" (Isabella), missing since Sunday evening in the 8-1/2 Mile and Woodward/Hilton area of Ferndale.

Bella is a dark brown/black greyhound, very skinny and small -- about 50 lbs. She's very friendly. Was last seen wearing a red collar with her ReGAP tag on it.

Bella and her partner Cinnamon escaped from the yard (it's suspected that a neighbor left the gate open after going in to arrange his Christmas lights along the fence line). Cinnamon was found about an hour later (6:30 p.m.) just a block over; Bella was nowhere to be found.

If you find Bella, please do one of the following:
  1. Call your local police (Ferndale and Royal Oak PD have been notified), or
  2. Call Tracey at 248-210-8283, or
  3. Call Michigan ReGAP at 1-800-GO-HOUND
Tracey and I put up some flyers around the area this evening. We've both driven up and down local streets calling for her. I've checked at the Michigan Humane Society for her today (talk about sad); tomorrow at the Anti-Cruelty Association and the Detroit Animal Control. She's checked at a few local shelters, called some local rescue groups, and ReGAP has shared the news with other local rescue organizations that have notified those on their listserves.

Let's hope Bella gets home soon. There's a Polar wind that's coming in, and we're expecting a few inches of snow by tomorrow night.

Thank you for your help!

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