Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kansas City's Woodlands Greyhound Track Closes

Kansas City's Woodlands Greyhound Track has announced it will close August 23.

The Woodlands track manager Jayme LaRocca estimates there are about 900 dogs at the track (14 kennels have the capacity for 66 dogs each.) As with most track closings, some of the dogs will move on to other tracks, some will go to greyhound rescue groups, and the remaining dogs will return to the custody of their owners (as pets or, more likely, to be put down).

The good news is that the track is closing. The bad news is that there will be a great strain on rescue/adoption groups around the country: 1) to arrange for relay transportation of the dogs to other parts of the country; 2) to find additional foster/adoptive homes during these difficult economic times; 3) to raise the funds necessary to provide medical care for dogs coming off thee track (spaying/neutering, and in many cases acute-need veterinary care).

Here's a link to the story Greyhounds Need Homes After Woodlands Shutdown @ KMBC-TV in Kansas City.

I'll be updating this post today with more information and greyhound rescue group links.

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  1. Hi DD,

    It's always good to hear of an operation like this closing down, but the implications are huge, as you say.
    However, even if only a handful of dogs have better lives as a result - it's got to be worth it. I pray that the relocation and rehabs work out.



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