Saturday, August 23, 2008

Animal Planet Examines Mike Vick and Dogfighting

The following are excerpts lifted from an ASPCA newsletter:

Don’t Miss It: “Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case” Premieres This Sunday!

Last year’s federal case against Vick dominated the media for months, generating public concern for the dogs seized from Bad Newz Kennels—and for animal victims across the country still involved in this brutal “sport.” The sentence may have been handed down, but the concern and questions still remain. What happened to the dogs seized in the case? How did Vick get involved in this underworld?

Many of these questions will be answered this Sunday night during “Animal Witness: The Michael Vick Case," the premiere episode of Animal Planet’s new series on animal forensics. The one-hour show offers an in-depth look at Vick and exposes the hidden world of dog fighting—and for the first time on national television, lead investigator Bill Brinkman talks about the inner workings of the case.

The episode is scheduled to air at 10:00 P.M. EST this Sunday evening, August 24. Please visit Animal Planet online to learn more. Please note, the episode does feature footage from underground dog fighting videos—viewer discretion is advised.


  1. This is, of course, something I would be most interested to see, but unfortunately, when we got our new hdtv a while back, we had to shuffle our programming and we lost Animal Planet in the process. We do have a wonderful channel - Oasis that is brilliant, but I don't think they are showing this program.
    Can you do a bit of a follow-up post?


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