Thursday, June 26, 2008

Genesee County Animal Control Adds Insult to Injury

A Mt. Morris, Michigan, (Genesee County) animal control shelter killed the "wrong" dog. The shelter staff lethally injected a family dog that was being held only for observation.

The kill shelter has offered that the family adopt another dog from their shelter, and charge the family only for the spaying or neutering.

The Genesee County Animal Control staff can join others in The Dog House for their gift of adding insult to injury: essentially penalizing a family by having them reimburse the county for monies they wouldn't have had to spend if the county had not made a mistake in the first place.

Read the story at the WDIV web site.


  1. Oh my god! How devastating that would be. I'd be enraged. I don't know if I could get over it if something like that happened to my cats.

    A few years back, my parents put down both of the cats I had left them when I got married. They didn't warn me, or give me options or anything. I found that very hard to forgive. They were struggling financially, but if we'd known, we would have taken them. I left them behind because they loved them so much - I NEVER thought they would do that.
    This just resurrected that deep sadness and feeling of lack of control. I can only imagine the family's distress.


  2. That is so sad, Kat, especially where family is concerned.

    "distress" is a good word. This must have been very distressing.

  3. Genesee County Animal Control is worthless. My neighbor is harboring viscious pitbulls that fight with each other every day. Last year her pitbulls mahled my dog, ripping my 100 -lb German Shepherd's face off. He almost lost his ear and his eye. I've called animal control several times, all they do is leave a post-it on the door. Yesterday the neighbor beat her dog with a shovel because it would not unlock from the other dog. Genesee County Animal Control stated" there is nothing we can do it happened in her yard." When a child is attacked, it will be prevetable, but there was nothing GCAC would do.

  4. Wow, that is some ugly stuff going on.

    The only suggestion I can think to offer is calling the Sheriff's office, or calling the Michigan Humane Society and asking them for advice on how to follow up. Or, perhaps the State police?

    Genessee County has a terrible reputation for animal welfare; it's even worse than having NO reputation at all.

    Thanks for commenting.


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