Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago Embarrases Itself; Overturns Ban on Foie Gras

The Chicago City Council has chosen to embarrass itself, ironically by saying that it was an embarrassment to have a two-year city-wide ban on pate de foie gras (fatty - diseased - duck liver). Looks like I made a mistake by thinking that Chicago was a progressive-minded city and on the forefront of a fight against animal cruelty.

Want to see how the foie gras gets to your plate? Click on this link to YouTube - it's one of the easier to watch videos. (Heavy metal pipes are shoved down the throat of a goose, as it is force fed directly to the stomach. This happens several times daily the last 2 - 3 weeks of a goose's life. It's akin to rape.)

You can also purchase a copy of the ABC Night Line program, from March 2007, at their online store. Or, check out the web site No Foie Gras.

Read the Diners Jourrnal blog post Chicago Overturns Foie Gras Ban at The New York Times.

Shame on Chicago, and shame on the Chicago City Council. They're in The Dog House for preferring to condone animal cruelty rather than risk embarrassment by foie gras consumers.

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